Make Art That Sells. Week 1: Bolt Fabric

I started this blog just to share my work…but since most of the illustrations that I’ve posted here have a story behind, I’ll write more and more everytime I upload a new one…

I’m a student again, and that makes me decide to write about my experience designing a specific project for a different market each week.

I just finished the first week of Lilla Roger´s course Make Art That Sells. It has been an exciting and very demanding week, most of all because I have a full time job as a Extension Program Coordinator for a University that specializes in Comunication and Design in my country and I run my own design and illustration business as well, so I need to find time every night to read the class material and do my homework…added to this, you’re not asking, but I´m very disciplined about my workout routine, I wake up at 4:45 am every day to go to the gym or for a run…so it’s a busy time for me, but I’m sure it will be worth It!

The First assignment was to create a design for Bolt Fabric using Berries and vintage pyrex casserole. We had to sketch for a mini assignment to hand in on Tuesday night and after that choose the iconery to be used in the final design that must be uploaded before 5:00 pm (3:00 pm for me BECAUSE OF THE time difeference).

Sketches and IconeryImage

It has been very helpful to receive feedback from many talented classmates who are also designers, who give sincere advice about color, layout, icons etc. In order to improve the final result, and last but not least, the tremendous knowledge of the industry from our teacher Lilla Rogers, who is a very succesful artist and artist rep., has been crucial in finishing the first week succesfully.

Besides all of these good things, at the end of the course (10 weks) Lilla will choose 2 oustanding artists to be their rep.

I always try to do my best in every thing I do… and this is not an exception!

I´ll let you know how I am doing and I’ll  post the projects of each week

Final Bolt Fabric Design: Berries & Vintage CasserolesImage


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