Fox in the snow


I really love to draw animals. When I see a picture of an animal that captivates my attention…I not even think and just start to sketching it. This time it was a Fox in the snow.




Meet Otto, he is the cat of a friend of mine, I saw the picture and instantly feel the urge to draw him. I never see a cat so tender and affectionate like a dog…but My friend says he is acting this way all the time!

Frida: Love & Pain


Frida: Love & Pain

My version of Frida Kahlo, a very talented, passionate and strong woman.
She was a Mexican artist who painted about her life, her pain and her deep love for Diego Rivera.
I don’t like suffering or getting hurt, but if you decide to fall in love, you are also taking the risk to suffer. I prefer to keep thinking that love is worthy enough to give it a chance.

Te amo más que a mi propia piel. FK

Como siempre, cuando me alejo de ti, tomo dentro de mí tu mundo y tu vida, y así es como puedo sostenerme por más tiempo. FK

I killed Twitter


kill twitter

I had to kill twitter. I had to deactivate my twitter account in order to survive. It’s not because I had no words to say, it was because I didn’t have enough strength to keep reading. But every single day since that day, I miss him, I miss to read his tweets (but the earlier ones) and each single second is a fight to keep me away and don’t read them.
Every morning, when I wake up I say to myself: You just must resist 24 hours more without reading.
But sometimes, once in a while… I fail