Make art That Sells (Part B)


Some weeks ago I finished Make Art That Sells by Lilla Rogers. I have been passing for very bad moments, my dear dog Pixie died, she had 16 years old, all by my side, so I was not in the mood to write about my assignments.

During this time I had the opportunity to be in touch with many very talented artists and designers. We build a very nice team, we share sketches, ideas, illustrations. Every time when we had doubts and some advice was needed, you always can count with the support of any of the partners MATS. The better part of this is that the community we build is still there for us…this friendship will continue for many years more.

This experience it was good even for improve my english skills!! (I hope so)

Here are some of the weekly assignments that I made for the classes.

Market: Baby Apparel
Theme: PiratesMake art That Sells (Part B)

Market: Scrapbooking
Theme: Long Distance LovePrint

Market: Editorial
Theme: The City Where I LivePrint

Market: Party Paper
Theme: Bavarian Folk ArtPrint