Day of the dead

I can’t get enough of Mexican culture, I love the traditional festivities like the Day of the dead, the iconography and symbolism, besides the people and what can I say about the food! #latinamericandesigners #mexico #sugarcandyskulls #dayofthedead #ipadpro #surfacedesigner #illustratorlife @procreate #larisahernandez

San Oscar Romero

I’m not catholic and I’m not a religious person but, this is a historical moment for our country. In march of 1980, Monseñor Romero was murdered accused to support the insurrection. This was the beginning of 12 years of civil war in El Salvador. Today he will be canonized. #monsenorromero #sanoscarromero #canonization #elsalvador #larisahernandez

Bird illustration

The Torogoz is our national bird. He has beautiful bright colors and a peculiar long tail with two circular feathers. Flowers and birds are subjects that I’m always willing to illustrate! I love the colors and details you can include on them! I made this a collaborative work for a Cover CD for a Salvadorian singer

#birdillustration @kimemusic_ #nationalbird #elsalvador #illustrationlife #surfacedesign #watercolors #larisahernandez

My exhibition at Blueprint it was GREAT

I’m beyond happy and grateful with the result of my exhibition this year! it’s my first time as independent designer/artist and I made many excellent contacts and request of companies that I always wanted to work with! I’ll be back home very excited ready to star the following up! and to be prepared to exhibiting the next year!!!