Day and Night

Good Morning Night

You Still are my first and last thought in the day!


My Favorite Place in the whole world…his arms


My Favorite Place in the whole world...his arms

There are too many things that I couldn’t tell you…
I would like to talk to you without words…one more time

“Puedes quedarte o no, eso no está en mis manos. En mis manos estuvo tu cuerpo, vibrando, produciendo esa nota que aún resuena”. Edel Juárez

“Amor, no me imagino 
Durmiendo en otros brazos. 
Soñar, si no es contigo”. Edgar Oceransky

I love sketching….



There is something about sketches that makes me feel amazed, they have a strong charge of feelings, emotions…thoughts.
They have soul, a big part of the illustrator’s soul stays in them. There is an unrepeatable spirit that it loses when you make the final illustration…that’s why I love my sketches…and I keep all of them…even when I draw on a napkin.

In rough times some people write, I prefer to draw.
I love sketches because they are drawn feelings