Steamy´s Coffee

We serv people We serv people2

These are 2 illustrations I made for Steamys Coffee, if you go someday, you will enjoy a nice place with delicious food! and you could see my illustrations printed big scale! It is located in 38 E Piccadilly St Winchester, Virginia. U.S.A


Lush Frida


Lush Frida

Lilla Roger´s course “Make Art that sells“ is already finished.
We had to design a Zipper pouch as our last assignment!

We receive indications to design with lushness! I chose Frida as inspiration, she is one of the most seductively and lush personalities I know about (You should already noticed that my fascination about her is real)
This time I decided to make a mixed media work.
I did illustrate using Inks, my favorite technique, combined with vector illustration.
I really loved the result.
This course was one the best investments I made…I can’t wait to start part B!