Con las Ganas de Decirte


Yo en ventana F


Con las ganas me quedo, no lo niego
de que me amaras como yo quisiera
con todas las ventanas bien abiertas
con todos los sentidos bien despiertos.

Song: Con las Ganas de Decirte
Singer: Miguel Bosé & Helen De Quiroga


Frida…one more time

Image more time

I have a obsession with Frida most of all because I admire her strength, her free spirit and her deep way to love…without fear.
I´m like her…

“Te quiero… gracias por que vives, porque ayer me dejaste tocar tu luz más íntima y porque dijiste con tu voz y tus ojos lo que yo esperaba toda mi vida.” Frida Kahlo

I killed Twitter


kill twitter

I had to kill twitter. I had to deactivate my twitter account in order to survive. It’s not because I had no words to say, it was because I didn’t have enough strength to keep reading. But every single day since that day, I miss him, I miss to read his tweets (but the earlier ones) and each single second is a fight to keep me away and don’t read them.
Every morning, when I wake up I say to myself: You just must resist 24 hours more without reading.
But sometimes, once in a while… I fail